Quality Panel and Component Replacement Services

Aaron’s Garage Door Service LLC offers garage door repair, maintenance, inspection, and installation services to property owners. Our trained technicians can expertly replace bent door panels of various garage door models.

Thicker Gauge for Better Protection

The thicker the gauge of the garage door the better the door. Heavier garage doors keep their torsion cables on the drums better and they also withstand dents a lot better than thinner metals.

Another fact that should not be overlooked is that a garage door made of the thicker gauge is less likely to bend or flex, making them durable against heavy winds.

The replacement services we offer include preventative maintenance checks and complete garage door bent replacement services. We install the Mid-America Regal N 24 gauge. The non-insulated model is our most basic door and our number one seller.

Vertical and Horizontal Track Servicing

Like door panels, different components made of heavier gauge steel are more reliable. Thick gauge vertical garage door tracks are more resistant to twisting and impacts. While thick gauge angled supports prevent the track from bowing out.

Why Is This Important?

Garage door derailments happen when a garage door hits an object in the way of the tracks going up or down. Another way It can happen is when a roller locks up due to a lack of maintenance.

Tremendous tension from the torsion spring can also cause the door to derail by making several sections twist and bend the tracks.

That’s why we install aftermarket heavy-duty commercial-style 14 gauge tracks with 56 to 82-inch angle horizontal supports on all our doors.

Garage Door Hinges

Most garage doors come with thin basic 18 gauge hinges. Heavier hinges are available as an upgrade cost on several garage door companies. At our business, we offer heavy-duty hinges as standard for all our services.

Why Is This Important?

The garage door hinge is what keeps the sections together. The flimsier the hinge, the more likely you will experience garage door repairs.

When the hinges break and are not caught in time, they will cause stress cracks on the garage door sections. We install an aftermarket heavy-duty commercial 16 gauge hinge on our doors to ensure your door can handle anything that’s thrown at it.

Panel Replacement and Maintenance

During a garage door panel preventative maintenance check, one of our technicians will perform safety checks. This includes checking your garage door panels, garage door springs, sensors, and other garage door hardware and parts.

Our technicians ensure that all of your garage door parts are properly installed and working.

Once the garage door panel maintenance check has been completed, our professionals easily replace the damaged part. Proper garage door panel installation, operation, maintenance, and testing are necessary to provide safe operation of your garage door.

Bent Door Panel Repair

The garage bent door panels are an important piece of equipment as they ensure the efficient operation of your garage door. Bent garage door panels are often attached to the drum, located near the top of the garage door.

With a bent garage door panel, your garage door becomes inoperable and needs to be repaired or replaced for it to function properly once again. We’re always available to replace bent garage door panels to keep your garage door working smoothly.

Bent Door Panel Replacement

We are available for bent garage door panel replacement. If your garage door is functioning well and only its garage door panel is bent, you don’t need to replace the entire garage door.

Give our office a call and we’ll send a technician to repair or replace the damaged garage door panels.

Weather Seal Replacement Services

Did you know that garage door weather strip replacement is one of the most difficult tasks to handle? When your garage door seal becomes faulty, it is Important to look for a professional that can handle the problem since it requires a lengthy process to fix.

Our garage door replacement team can provide you with top-notch solutions for these types of issues. We have the equipment and expertise to replace your door’s seals and ensure they are installed correctly.

What Causes Weather Seal Issues?

When a climatic change occurs in your area, your garage door weather seal may develop nagging problems. This is because the environment or climatic conditions may not be favorable for your garage door weather seal.

This may even cause your garage door weather seal to become worn out. In severe cases, it may result in bending, cracking, and many other problems. We recommend inspecting your garage door when rapid temperature changes happen.

In most cases, you will discover that people find it difficult to inspect their existing garage doors. This may lead to damage when proper care is not taken due to an inaccurate assessment.

Weather garage door seals are the most likely to stop working perfectly when the owner is not careful about their maintenance and inspection.

Once your garage door strips are installed, it is important to always do a routine inspection to find out if any problem has been encountered. Early problem detection can lead to faster and less involved repair and maintenance steps.

Why Is This Necessary?

If the weather seal replacement is not done quickly, you may experience severe property damage as the weather strip protects your house and garage from harsh weather conditions.

There are some cases where you will find the whole of your garage door panel or system has been completely damaged.

Our company will ensure that you get the best garage door repairs including weather seal servicing. We always have professionals who are well-trained to help you find the best solutions. Our team knows all the required techniques to help in your time of need.

On this note, you can always depend on our valued service, time and again. We promise to always help you find the best garage door weather strip replacement solutions that will last for a long time.

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