Keep Your Garage Rollers in Exceptional Condition

Aaron’s Garage Door Service LLC will fix any garage door issues that are related to your rollers. Our experienced team of specialists has the knowledge and tools needed to safely and quickly restore your garage door’s smooth movement and operation.

What Are Garage Rollers?

Rollers assist in the up and down movement of the garage doors. They need a little bit of care to ensure they can freely operate for long periods and make the movement of the garage door smoother.

As required for maintenance, the garage door rollers need to be lubricated regularly. Lubrication is usually easy and many homeowners prefer to do it on their own.

However, if the garage door rollers are broken and worn out, replacement of garage door rollers is a must. We suggest having the rollers replaced after 10 years of service on your door.

Recommended Self-Inspection and Maintenance Steps

Homeowners can inspect the garage door broken rollers by checking the wheel mounted to spin on the metal shaft, which should move freely on the hinges. Over time, there may be a build-up of rust causing the roller shaft to seize up.

Spraying them gently with a lubricant can loosen them and restore optimal performance. If the rollers do not function accurately even after complete lubrication, continued use can cause them to break.

Another way of identifying ineffective or broken rollers is to check if they are twisted or if they are off-center. If the bearing is excessive, it may cause the garage door tracks to bind.

Check to see if the garage door moves smoothly, and make note of the point where it hangs.

When the replacement of the garage door rollers is the only option left, get in touch with our team. We’ll provide a replacement roller for your garage and properly install it for you.

Don’t Blindly Self-Repair

If you are not adept at inspecting your garage doors, you may not identify the exact problem. Thus, taking the help of professionals is always a great idea.

Nowadays, many people are turning to the internet and other means to find cheap and easy fixes for their issues. They use the internet to learn how to do it themselves and apply ineffective fixes that only result in short-term solutions.

Doing DIY fixes can be dangerous and you must remember that your safety comes first. We recommend calling experts immediately when the garage door rollers malfunction or break.

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Our company can replace broken rollers on garage doors and ensure that your safety is guaranteed. We can give you many reasons why you need not look anywhere else. Here are some of the basic reasons why you should choose us:

  • We offer you garage door roller repair services for all garage door repairs in the San Antonio area service.
  • We have licensed, highly trained, and experienced technicians who have the required expertise.
  • We offer timely and efficient services for your garage door with the availability of our technicians when you are in need.
  • Our services are focused on complete customer satisfaction. That’s why our company offers services that match the industry’s best.

Committed to Your Safety and Convenience

Your safety is our primary concern. When you call us to replace your broken garage door rollers, we will conduct a total safety check. This will include checking the garage door springs, tracks, door panels, and hardware. We also will check your safety release.

Always remember that most of the parts of garage doors are under a lot of tension. Broken garage doors can cause serious injuries if handled incorrectly.

All our technicians are experienced and well-trained and are capable of handling all the repair and replacement work. We will do so with great precaution and the proper tools for safe job completion. So, next time your garage door rollers are broken, do not worry.

The experts will be at hand to help you fix it. All you need to do is check out our garage door services, and we shall be on time to help you replace the garage door rollers without interruptions to your otherwise busy schedule.

Contact Our Roller Replacement Specialists

Reach out to our office today if you’re interested in using any of our repair, replacement, or installation services. We are more than happy to help make your garage door stronger and more reliable.