Garage Door Spring Repair

  Aarons Garage Door Service offers same-day broken garage door spring repair to torsion spring conversions. Furthermore, our reputation as the leading emergency garage door repair is built from thousands of emergency service calls. In addition, our service trucks are stocked with all the garage door springs and tools needed to repair any garage door anywhere throughout San Antonio and surrounding cities.

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What Do Torsion Springs Do?

Torsion springs are normally mounted horizontally above the opening of your garage door. When you pull the door down, cables attached to the bottom corners force the springs to wind up which energizes the system.

When you open the door, the springs then unwind. The energy in the springs transfers to the door, allowing it to lift and making it easier to open.

How Do Torsion Springs Work?

Like any spring, garage door springs store mechanical energy, making them tighten. Torsion springs store energy by using a rotating or twisting motion.

The advantage of torsion springs over Extension springs is that they can store a lot more energy because they are made from a denser material.

Life Cycle and Tension Ratings of Springs

As the door opens and closes over time, the steel in the springs can start to weaken and become less effective as the door gradually becomes too heavy for them. The springs will eventually break, leaving the door closed.

Torsion springs can also be affected by rust and cold weather. The good news is the average garage door torsion springs will last somewhere between 5–7 years and should last around 10,000 cycles.

So, if you open and close your garage door 3–5 times a day for 365 days a year, you should get plenty of life out of your torsion springs.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair, Near You



The most common garage door repair we do daily is broken garage door spring repair. Every morning, the first, second, and third calls are from people who cannot get to work because their garage door will not open due to a broken garage door spring. The torsion spring system lifts the garage door by counterbalancing its weight. This spring system does 95% of the lifting of the garage door. When the springs break, lifting the door is almost impossible. Torsion springs will lift your garage door 10,000 cycles. The average service life of a torsion spring is five to eight years. We recommend replacing your torsion springs if your garage door springs are over five years old. If you have a dual spring system and only one of the springs is broken, we recommend changing the pair because the first spring will break, and the second one will be right behind it. Broken garage door spring repair should be left to a professional. Refrain from attempting to repair this. Over 20,000 people get hurt trying to fix a broken garage door spring a year. If you're experiencing a broken spring, give us a call today.

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